Yahoo tests social network

September 18, 2007

Article about yahoo’s attempt to crack myspace and facebook’s domain; more at techcrunch. Also some brief discussion about whether this is the end of Yahoo 360. I wondered the same thing.

Of course, mash is invitation only and I didn’t receive an invitation (despite the fact that I really have been using yahoo’s services for EVER it feels like…)

I always wonder how they determine who gets invites….
Anyhow, if you have one, would you mind sharing? email me at

new stuff popping up everywhere…

July 14, 2007

First off, stumbled across springshare which is web 2.0 apps for libraries. I guess it’s about time someone created library specific applications to sell back to the library community. Of course, for some libraries with small budgets or suffering budget woes, opensource products or free stuff ( may be the only option. I’m not sure my library could afford to purchase this, if we were so inclined. It would be interesting to see how it stacks up against opensource stuff, though.

Out of microsoft labs, 3D modeling stuff. You can play with it for free online here

Artists can join the one million masterpiece. I seem to remember a similar project involving collaborative advertisements…

Anyone can create a virtual slideshow for use on a website, blog, etc. If you flickr you already have a similar tool available, but still kind of neat.

…and under possibly the most useful of all of these, powcne, a way to virtually share about anything electronically.

the myspace effect

July 5, 2007

an article about how myspace and social networking sites are eating up bandwidth (I love it that these sorts of sites are deemed ‘recreational’. I happen to have learned a few things from tutorials on youtube. I guess that falls under recreational learning….!)

some kind of new stuff from yahoo…

February 13, 2007

yahoo pipes (rss feed & aggregator)

and 360 which seems set to take on umm. myspace(? facebook?)

…and then there is new aol video website which also has taken the place of the wonderful multimedia search engine, singing fish. From what I’ve read elsewhere, singingfish was purchased by aol in 2003, but they have just recently taken down the whole site.