Students’ use of technology

September 19, 2007

An interesting article on how college students use technology (alot but using specific tools for specific tasks; with 98.4 % of surveyed students owning some type of computer…)

Instead, students appear to segment different modes of communication for different purposes. E-mail, Web sites, message boards and Blackboard? Viable ways of connecting with professors and peers. Same for chat, instant messaging, Facebook and text messages? Not necessarily, the authors write, because students may “want to protect these tools’ personal nature.”

…but is it because students do not expect their instructors to be in those social spaces, or do they truly feel that those spaces should belong to them?

New copyright blog

February 15, 2007
----------------------The Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) at the University of MarylandUniversity College is excited to announce the launch of a new blogportal addressing the cultural, political and legal context of copyrightissues:


The new (c)ollectanea blog will serve as an online discussion platformfor the current and future Center for Intellectual Property scholars.Today, join one of the leading copyright scholars in the country,GEORGIA HARPER as she provides insight and leads discussions with guestbloggers on issues relating to copyright generally, with a specificfocus on issues facing the education and library communities.   GeorgiaK. Harper serves as the CIP 2006-2008 Intellectual Property VirtualScholar and the Scholarly Communications Advisor for the University ofTexas at Austin Libraries. Previously, Ms. Harper specialized incopyright law and created the well known and widely used onlinepublication, The Copyright Crash Course, for the University of TexasSystem

CIP is one of the leading online educational centers providing training,and solutions on copyright issues affecting the higher educationcommunity. This new blog, (c)ollectanea, furthers the Center's missionto provide timely copyright resources for educators.  Although the blogwill address the needs of the education and library communities, all arewelcome to engage in the discussion and contribute.

Share your thoughts on copyright issues. Join the blog group(c)ollectanea, collected perspectives on copyright.

Local links & other: Records retention & library terminology

May 5, 2006

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April 28, 2006

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April 6, 2006

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