Reflection 2: Project thoughts

February 5, 2005

Well, it sounds like the color thing might turn into something really cool (possibly). As I think about this a little I wonder whether I have taken all an ‘infinite’ project. There are so many tangents to color from tones, shade, to rgb vs. cmyk to emotional aspects of color to the history of color to pure pigments. I could pick ONE color and do a whole project. Such as RED.

I recently read a book called COLOR: A Natural History of the Palette, Victoria Finlay, Random House, 2004. It follows the author as she crosses the world searching for the origins of color. Part travelogue, part adventure story, part art & regional history, part journal. I’ve briefly read/studied the origins of dyes and pigments in school (as a precursor to making color wheels, value & graduation triangles, etc.), but the way these stories are presented, it is easy to see that value, history and religious/political/cultural importance of color.

For example, red, crimson, comes from an insect (cochineal). These animals are still harvested for their blood to tint paint, cosmetic products, and according the author cherry coke.

Gives new meaning to blood red, hmm?

Reflection 1: Project thoughts

February 1, 2005

Ok, so I started out thinking that my EDIT 6190 project would be a perfect opportunity to give this some love and really make it a great resource:

…but then Dr. Orey mentioned to the class that he was trying to get a graphic design SIG, but that he would like to somehow capture that info. The topics to be covered were design/layout, fonts, and color.

Ah, color. Although I am a font addict (I admit it~ I had close to 1000 at one time) color is my old friend. Anyhow, I offered as my project to somehow incorporate the color component of the SIG into a project on color & color theory. I am not sure where I am going beyond that.

Now, I know this project should be fun 🙂 but for anyone who knows me they know that I am all about color. (I have taken color theory workshops in the past and of course, studied color theory through art classes)

I get bored in drawing classes if there is no color (beyond b&w!)

So, here is what I hope to include:
-SIG Color components (whatever material/formats)?
-My own color resources links (I have tons of bookmarks)
-Suggested readings links (a few very good books on color & color theory & online books )
-Good uses/bad uses of color (screenshots & links)
-Some kind of color demonstration or interactive color mixer (a flash thing)

What do you think? I know it sounds like work, but I swear that this will be fun for me. 🙂