Desk crit 5: Lauren

April 28, 2005

Hi Robin,
I enjoyed looking at your project, especially your photographs and galleries. I like the fact that you brand your photos, and how you’ve explored options for changing the style
sheet on the fly. I wanted to start learning CSS this semester and found that it over-taxed my brain — it is just a very different way of thinking! So, I cannot begin to know how you managed to do it! I like how your flash piece integrates
with the the look and feel of the site, and would maybe like
to have one fewer color block element in the blue theme —
maybe the violet on the left side which is very close in value
to the blue that is used for the link blocks. I like the colors and the background image in the blue theme, but the green theme colors seemed to be placed or used in a way that better conveys structure and hierarchy. If that makes any sense.

I also agree with some of the other comments you have received that it would be nice to have the opening flash piece freeze on the title a little longer before going into the gallery.

Thanks for sharing your site — I would really appreciate any suggestions you could offer on my 6190 project.

Desk Crit 2: Jennifer

April 24, 2005

I really like the use of color and the overall layout of your site. It is visually appealing. When your homepage first opens, I thought that the spiralism title came in a little bit delayed. If it came in sooner, it might be more beneficial for first time visitors. Also, I thought that you could have the slideshow automatically start instead of the user having to initiate the start. The last recommendation would be to have the “links outside spiralism” pages open in a new window automatically.

–from Jennifer

Desk Crit 1 Received from JP Murrell

April 8, 2005

At 2:42 PM, JP Murrell said…

Hey Robin!

I love your artwork. One of the few things i would add is make the Spiralism Image at the top of the screen a “button” that returns your to the first page. I might even do a little bit more of an intro page that would explain the whole project. Other than that is looks great! The design is really cool.

-JP Murrell