Semantic web, social web, and the progression of the web (presentation)

October 21, 2009

Well, this is a pretty unwieldly subject to pack into a 1 hour presentation (and I didn’t go very far into the details of the mechanics of the semantic web, at all)….

I’m on the road… upcoming presentations and talks

September 17, 2009

Since my calendar thingie is not working so well, here is what I have on my schedule for upcoming talks/presentations:

Sept. 19, Digital Initiatives w/ Tim Daniels, GPLS Director’s Meeting,
Current and emerging trends in library technology — is my part

Oct. 22 Semantic web. vs. Social Media, Master of Internet Technology Program, Gwinnett Campus: What REALLY is the semantic web and is it at odds with social media and user generated content? Can folksonomies exist alongside dublincore metadata?

Oct. 23 Facebook, privacy, and your digital identity, UGA Web Editors Group (Dweebs) Have you wondered what digital identity you are leaving behind? What about privacy? If you are not actively cultivating your online identity, is someone else creating one for you? Even if you are not a Facebook user, chances are that you know someone who is — someone who could be sharing information about you.

We’ll talk about the uses of Facebook by individuals and organizations, as well as its role in developing identity and how to control what is shared. We’ll talk about social media etiquette and what it means in this world where we are all “friends”.

Nov. 16 Learning about cataloging: free online tools to help your learn about cataloging from the basics to more advanced, USG Cataloging Committee (ONLINE)
Do you know there are FREE cataloging tools and training on the web? While some are interactive and some are not, there are a variety of tools and resources out there to help you learn about cataloging, metadata, and databases. Explore some of the resources found on the web … you might even find some time saving resources!


yeah, I know, I am a busy girl…

Various links: academia online, sustainability of digital projects, LC and Cloud storage, web tools & more

July 20, 2009

Link roundup… Lots to read and consider and ponder….

Very cool…Thousands of video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

a multi-year, international exploration of the strategies being used to support digital initiatives over the long term.

Social networking site for researchers aims to make academic papers a thing of the past

LC tests cloud storage

Yahoo pipes… if you haven’t played, you should!

Data rot. sigh.

Google to launch operating system to compete with Windows
Yay? I don’t know — both are still commercial companies.

An unofficial Q and A about the Discontinuation of the XHTML2 WG

Question of the Day: what will not migrate in Google Pages?

June 27, 2009

So, google pages (the online editor/hosted website creator available for free to google/gmail customers) is going away. It will be replaced by google sites. I, as well as a ton of other google users, received the following message (prompting a question from friend, about whether her site would migrate properly):

However, we’ve identified you as using Google Page Creator to host files that Sites doesn’t support. We are writing to inform you that, as part of this migration, if you take no action to address this, your hosted files will likely break. If they are important then we suggest you move them to a different hosting service.

The problem is NOT the files that she uploaded. Nope — nothing nonstandard about those, very run of the mill. The problem is going to be her embedded widget for flickr, which although from flickr is CSS + Javascript.

My answer:
…but I think the problem is your flickr script (from Googles blog):
“Google Sites does not support custom JavaScript or CSS at this time for security reasons. Many embeddings are available on Google Sites through Google Gadgets (insert -> More Gadgets…), but arbitrary JavaScript and CSS will not work once the content is migrated to Google Sites.

So, they are moving away from allowing you to add Javascript and/or custom CSS, even embedded widgets UNLESS it is an approved Google Gadgets. Sooo, if you’ve done a custom designed Google page, sorry, my friend. Your CSS and/or Javascript is just not going to work. If you have used a common widget (such as flickr) there will hopefully be a widget available via Google Gadgets. Sucks, doesn’t? Even blogger gives you more control over your site than that.

Well, you could complain make suggestions here but the voting has been closed.
Oh, and the templates are way ugly — just sayin’ — Google you should know better than to add to the fugly on the ‘net.

Coding likes its 1999

May 28, 2009

Very interesting post on coding using HTML4 vs. HTML5 or XHTML.

9 browsers (a comparison), css your icons, & standard icons for use

March 10, 2009

A few links to share today:

she’s geeky

January 13, 2009

How cool is this? I’d love to go, but I don’t have enough travel money and I am swamped with work, freelance, & committee stuff at the mo — intense xhtml/css training at the end of the month, too. of course, if someone paid my way, I’d find the time, ya know. 😉