Flickr pro account — is it worth it?

July 5, 2008

Just in case you didn’t know, Flickr now allows video upload for “pro” accounts.
At this point, running time is limited to 90 seconds. Hopefully, if they want to be a full media site, they will up the time limit, because 90 seconds, well, that is not very long. To be honest, I’m losing my love of flickr quickly anyhow. “Pro” does not really mean pro – it just means that you pay to have more storage a few richer features (video, more collections, stats, etc.)

I’m thinking maybe I will keep my flickr account but downgrade it to the free account, and then switch over to smugmug or something else, where I can actually sell photos. I’d also love a place to host both my videos and photos, a flickr + youtube place. Yeah, I have my domain to do that, but I’d like to use a social networking site for that stuff, too.

flickr tos (what not to do):

and what comes with the flickr pro account:

Web2.0 and your library blog (tools)

April 27, 2008

I finally started loading some of my presentations at slideshare. Hopefully, I will add audio at some point.
This presentation was for GLA 2007 and focused on web tools for blogs.
Sorry, the links work within slideshare, but the movie does not. ;-(

Brief introduction to Web2.0, mashups, RSS, youtube, flickr, and how those tools can be incorporated into a library’s website or blog. Also includes brief overview of mashups, widgets, and RSS feeds.

Top 100 Web2.0 Apps

April 26, 2008

By popular vote and includes some of the big faves: flickr, youtube, lots of google apps, pandora, etc.

To see little previews>

To catch a peek at some of the new upcoming stuff, check out inviteshare.

Programming Languages: ranking the faves

April 25, 2008

Just like American Idol (maybe not!), Tiobe ranks the popularity of programming languages (this month PHP is up 1.69% as compared to last year….)

An interview with Paul Jansen, director of Tiobe, explains more about overall trends reflected in the rankings at

Tiobe is located at

Podcast about social networks and technical networks

April 17, 2008

Author, Here Comes Everybody … The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Moira speaks with CLAY SHIRKY about the relationship between social networks and technical networks. Now with texting, and digital photos and cell phones, everything from politics to socializing will never be the same

Information R/evolution

April 6, 2008