web dev links

March 27, 2010

Just passing along a couple of web dev links:



that is all…

Mappos — mapping real time order info from zappos

October 1, 2009

Another example of what a mashup can be in this case a map depicting the location and shoe style ordered from the online shoe store, zappos…

Mashup — google maps + WHO data = Swine Flu path

April 27, 2009

Very interesting mashup of google maps + data depicting the migration and spread of the swine flu.

Link is here

Virtual Tour of Ugarama

March 11, 2009

kind of cool local project using google maps.

Quicktime required
It uses the Google Maps API in most places

Future ILS model — nexgenning the catalog

July 26, 2008

Short powerpoint via slideshare about nexgenning the catalog, entitled freeing the data.

Some commentary would have been nice to bring out some of the points a little more.

A few notes on acronyms:

  • CRM = Customer Relationship Management
  • Drupal = opensource, content management (CMS) system; website development tool
  • SDKs = Software development kits
  • SIPs = Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signalling protocol, think videoconferencing, etc.

Learn a new language with Babbel (not babelfish)

July 17, 2008

I think this sounds like a really interesting way to learn a language — social networking & multimedia style! Mashable has a good overview & review here:

Babbel is the latest site to teach new languages through a social Web-based immersion program, where the majority of the content is packaged into lessons created by Babbel. So far, languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, English, and German are supported. Each lesson package contains material pertaining to a different theme, such as travel or business, so you can learn a series of words and phrases within context.

Although I do like that the information is presented in multiple ways as it SHOUlD create a richer learning environment appealing to a variety of learning styles, I didn’t find a lot in the way supporting documentation, research, etc. on the site. It seems to be all about language and play… but hey if it works (but how will they know?)

I also wonder if they will expand to other languages — seems like kind of a short list, hmm?

Build the Open Shelves Classification

July 14, 2008

Build the Open Shelves Classification

Description: I hereby invite you to join the Open Shelves Classification (OSC), a free, “humble,” modern, open-source, crowd-sourced replacement for the Dewey Decimal System.

—from LibraryThing.

You can follow its progress or contribute to its effort here