Online workshop XML in Libraries

May 21, 2008

Nifty little online workshop about XML in Libraries — very well organized and easy to follow. Covers the basics of XML to writing XML, with lots of exercises.

Emerging Technologies workshop handouts online

April 16, 2008

David Noah of UGA Center for Teaching & Learning recently did a workshop on Web2.0, Emerging Technologies, and more. His materials are online at

Voyager tutorials as interactive game (sort of)

March 15, 2008

If you’ve not seen the tutorial from the Univ. of Auckland before, it is kind of an interesting (and different!) approach to teaching users about Voyager — very video gamesque, in as much as a tutorial probably can be. 😉

It’s not the most indepth, but looks to cover the basics.

Main table of contents, which also provides some story elements: