Good use of social media (Charter)

March 26, 2010

Okay, I am neither endorsing or denouncing Charter Cable (I’ll leave that to you!), but I do use it (have to have the high speed, you know). A few days ago I posted (tweeted) about how bad my network/reception was in my area. I had considered calling, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it — end of the day & too tired. I wasn’t expecting anything — it was just a vent.

Within a day(!) , I received this tweet back from
:@georgiawebgurl (yep, that’s me @twitter and also google buzz) What’s been going on with your net connection? If you DM your Name/Phone# we can take a look at it for you.

He even followed up the next day (although my connection was fine by then). Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that is kind of a cool use of technology and it seems much better than the 1-800 service!

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Technology Essentials Online Conference (Free!)

January 11, 2010
This just came through my twitterstream:
This webinar is part of WebJunction’s Technology Essentials 2010 Online Conference. This innovative conference is a chance to engage, network and do some hands-on learning without travel or any registration cost.
Date: 2/9/2010, 2/10/2010
Start Time: 11:30 AM
End Time: 6:00 PM
WebJunction is hosting a free two-day online conference. The theme for this inaugural event is Technology Essentials, with a focus on practical and timely strategies for leveraging technology to help you in a wide range of library services and operations, including:
* Staff training
* Marketing
* Outreach, funding, advocacy
* Services and programming
* Technology planning
* Virtual libraries
* Your library’s web presence

Apps vs. maps (Verizon vs. AT&T)

December 2, 2009

In case you didn’t hear, AT&T (iphone, among others) dropped the lawsuit against Verizon’s ad campaign (playing on the ” an app for that” by comparing the 3G coverage of AT&T to Verizon with a visual map). Read more at mashable and elsewhere.

I thought it was a really clever and hardhitting ad campaign, which is saying alot in the sea of ads we all see everyday.

Free tools

August 7, 2009

A few free web tools:

New digital music system from Indiana University

March 31, 2009

this sounds kind of interesting….

Indiana University recently released the Variations digital music library system as free, open source software.

Trial version of the Variations client software is available here (as well as a link to a browser-based streaming audio player:

For more information about the project:

Free webinar today:Current and Evolving Accessibility Practices: Practical Advice from Two Institutions

October 21, 2008

Sorry for the short notice — I just received this.


Current and Evolving Accessibility Practices: Practical Advice from Two Institutions

Presented by: Afsaneh Sharif & Donna Scalzo, Office of Learning Technology, University of British Columbia, John Louviere & Neal Legler, Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching, Utah State University
Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:00-2:00pm

Online learning environments hold great promise for expanding access to education for students with time and geographic challenges. Providing a supportive learning environment involves considering the needs of a wide range of learners and instructors, including those with physical and cognitive disabilities or technical limitations. The ability to do this can be somewhat challenged within the structure of a course management system such as Blackboard (WebCT) Vista, as full control of the web interface may not be possible. In response to student and faculty needs, educational developers from two institutions, the University of British Columbia and Utah State University have worked to determine how some of the issues may be addressed through instructional design, rigorous web design methodologies and some technical applications. Please join us as we share current and evolving practices in this important area of online.

To register, please go to