Content divergent wordle style

July 6, 2009

I could do this all day. time to revisit wordle.

create yours from any url

Collaborating in the Cloud (or maybe stuck in the quicksand…)

August 3, 2008

Nice overview of distributed information, collaboration (Wired recently also has a great graphic about the hivemind vs. the individual brain, too) and web2.0 — lots of the usual candidates (google products,, etc. etc.) but nicely organized.

One thing I am wondering though: What are the emerging technologies in libraries — not the same ol’ same old we’ve seen in presentation after presentation? Surely there are new things are the horizon (and drupal is not new, people…) Koha? Vufind? Endeca? Evergreen? Penntags? MTags? Those are all catalog or catalog related and some of those projects have been around for a while, too.

Second Life? Virtual worlds?
I don’t know, are libraries really going to go there? 3D/Virtual worlds would seem to be the next evolution but considering the sheer computer power to run most of those, budget cuts, staff reductions, etc. I could see where staffing a ‘real’ reference desk would take priority.

Google maps mashups? Geo services?

Finally, am I just cranky or is lolcats on the way out? (please, let it be so… the cute factor is long gone….)

Tagging the Long Tail and the library catalog

July 19, 2008

Brief and interesting post @ RSS4Lib about projects to tag various library catalogs, and the relevance of lesser used tags. No mention of PennTags, but there is a brief mention of MTags from the University of Michigan.

The real value of tagging is like that of a library: it’s the collections, the constructed universe of things that someone (a librarian, a subject expert, a user) brought together. While my tags may prove of no value to anyone else in finding a particular item, the mass of items I’ve used that idiosyncratic tag on may very well guide a future user in resource discovery.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Build the Open Shelves Classification

July 14, 2008

Build the Open Shelves Classification

Description: I hereby invite you to join the Open Shelves Classification (OSC), a free, “humble,” modern, open-source, crowd-sourced replacement for the Dewey Decimal System.

—from LibraryThing.

You can follow its progress or contribute to its effort here

tagging the art world

November 15, 2007

A couple of interesting tagging (folksonomies, not graffiti!) projects from the arts/museum world:

Steve Museum
Steve Museum is a largescale tagging project which is supported by an ILMS grant. Partners include the Met and the Guggenheim.

Article about the Steve Museum project and tagging:

Steve Musuem (tagging also links to research, working papers, etc.)

development site:

The Cleveland Museum of Art (a Steve Museum partner) has a “Help Others Find Me” button, which allows users to enter tags.

Here is a link to a de Kooning work from the museum: