Illusion: Insight into visual design elements

February 17, 2010

Covers the most basic elements of webdesign: layout, fonts, whitespace, color theory; additionally encompasses fundamental guidelines and findings regarding how users use the web.
Btw, my portion is more of the design stuff. Oh, and this is a google presentation so the design of the presentation itself is a little fugly. 😉

the story of you

February 1, 2010

Very interesting idea…

“Photographer Robert Weingarten’s portraits are digital composites of several photographs which give an overall vision of his subject’s history and accomplishments. View a clip of Weingarten explaining this part of his process.

In order to do this, Weingarten asks his subjects (Quincy Jones, Sandra Day O’Connor and Buzz Aldrin, to name a few) to create a list of places or objects that they feel define them, and photographs each item. Weingarten then combines these photographs to form one large “portrait” of his subject.
Robert Weingarten, “Hank Aaron”
What’s your list?”

–from the High Museum of Art (ATL)’s facebook post.

The history of online video

January 1, 2010

Very interesting overview of the rise of online video, especially as relates to journalism.


Coinciding with the election of 2004 was the prevalence of broadband speeds, and with half of American homes reaching better than dial-up transfer rates, along with all the noise created by the blogs and pundits of the internet, an audience was born, capable and accustomed to online payments (i.e. market potential) and finally able to watch video, on demand by the masses.

..and now we can watch tv online, both episodes from network television as well as original programming.

Presentation secrets from steve jobs

November 4, 2009

In short a good presentation should have:
1. A headline
2. A villain
3. A simple slide
4. A demo
5. A holy smokes moment…

In case you think I don’t have a life (a real life video)…

October 28, 2009

Hanging some artwork at a gallery in the ATL.

Yes, I do re-hang the same painting about 50 times. It weighs about 50lbs (embedded shells & mixed media) and the nails would not hold it up.

on nurturing creativity

August 25, 2009

Three cheers for this ted talk.

visual tweet

August 22, 2009

Okay, I haven’t quite figured out how useful this, but whoa, is it nifty, cool and kind of addictive.