Service Hours: team idesign

November 18, 2005

IT Department/Team idesign

graphic prototypes & graphic consultation
5 hrs.

Service Hours: Remote Katrina animal rescue assistance/ address lookup

November 16, 2005

Researched addresses and updated spreadsheet for Katrina animal rescue assistance.
( I will post the link when I have it…)

3 hours.

Service Hours: studio assistance

October 21, 2005

at least 3 hours…
Assisted in the first few studio classes with helping students, etc.

Service Hours: studio/ imovie workshop

September 29, 2005
IT Department IT Studio Fay, Robin

Assisted mary miller with technology and assisted students in imovie workshop. Sep. 29. 2005. 3 hours.

(no pix, sorry, no one had a working camera!)

Screenshot for project

May 5, 2005

I thought I would include a screenshot of drek’s webpage prototype.

He wanted something simple with a neutral blue color scheme…

This site will include a photo gallery/slide show, clips of drek painting, as well as the usual artist promo stuf…

Website consultation 04/20/2005 1 hour

April 26, 2005

Description of Service: Website consultation
Discuss content of website, audience, scope
Drek Davis Art Grad Student
Date of Service: 04/20/2005
Time spent: hours and hours 1 hour

Service 04/24 8hrs

April 24, 2005

Drek Davis MFA Student/Artist
8hours spent