Google docs add templates

November 14, 2009

Didn’t know that there were more templates beyond what is listed in google docs (and didn’t notice that ‘search templates’ link in google docs?) Well, now you do. You can also get ’em here.… and here is how to create your own (well, sort of).


twitter vs. google wave — at conferences

November 12, 2009

I’m sure you have noticed people twittering during conferences that you have attended. This is an interesting article comparing google wave to twitter, in terms of how can be used to record and participate in a conference.

Google buys recaptcha — captcha spam filtering software

September 17, 2009

Very interesting.

This morning, the Official Google Blog announced that the search giant has acquired reCAPTCHA. The company provides a service that combines two things that Google would be very interested in: it verifies that information provided to a server has been entered by a human and, in the process, helps identify difficult-to-decipher text from book digitization projects. As such, it’s a natural fit for Google.

Google books — monopoly, profit, privacy, and more (Talk of the nation audiocast)

September 16, 2009

Google stands to be the single repository for millions of the world’s books. Advocates applaud the organization and the access a digital library can afford. But critics worry about monopoly and profit motives, and what it means for readers’ privacy.

Very interesting….

Various links: academia online, sustainability of digital projects, LC and Cloud storage, web tools & more

July 20, 2009

Link roundup… Lots to read and consider and ponder….

Very cool…Thousands of video lectures from the world’s top scholars.

a multi-year, international exploration of the strategies being used to support digital initiatives over the long term.

Social networking site for researchers aims to make academic papers a thing of the past

LC tests cloud storage

Yahoo pipes… if you haven’t played, you should!

Data rot. sigh.

Google to launch operating system to compete with Windows
Yay? I don’t know — both are still commercial companies.

An unofficial Q and A about the Discontinuation of the XHTML2 WG