desk crit no. 9 From Jina

December 12, 2005

What an excellent project, Robin!

You may not need crits but I decided to go through projects on your STUDIO website and give my crits to folks who’s done great job.

It is very artistic and beautiful all around. I know you are kind of tired of hearing compliments by now…so here are a few minor crits.

Overall, I found it somewhat difficult to see the menus and navigate. I think it is because font sizes are too small and/or not eye-catching enough in comparison to everything else on a page.

On the main navigation, I literally had to roll the mouse over to see what it says…maybe it’s my eye sight.

I don’t know the whole purpose of this website…you can tell I didn’t read your project management site. But it would be great if you provide some sort of introduction on what it’s about on the main page or somewhere obvious. I was confused and still am somewhat wondering what it is about.

On the “art slideshow” page, “main page” link disappears from the main navigation bar.

I really liked the way you did the slideshow! Brilliant!

On the “about the artists” page, on the bottom…there are some blocks of purple bars or blocks or whatever you call it laying there… I just wasn’t sure what they were about. It seems like decoration…but nowhere else has them.

About the main navigation, I know you used CSS for it…it would be better if I can tell which page I currently am by just looking at the main navigation bar or somewhere. I was confused where I am.

These are all nit-picky things and I loved your project! You are very creative.

Good luck!


desk crit no. 8 From Mary Miller

December 12, 2005

Hi, Robin.

As is always the case with pretty much anything you create, your Web site is stunning!

I like the look and feel very much. A meta site, it both is art and is about art! It’s very

warm and inviting, which is not always the case for something with so much style!

When I looked at your site during the studio showcase trial run on the 17th of November,

I suggested that you change the style of the text on the “Thoughts on Creativity” section.

You have now done that and it is much easier to read while still looking very cool.

I particularly like the way you have done navigation for that section. I do think it would

be nice if you added some sort of “back to top” link and I think you could do that at the

same point as each of your internal navigation sections without throwing things off

too badly.

I have a couple of suggestions for the artist info section.

  1. Begin with artist’s full name. I noticed Rene’s last name was not given. Perhaps put the name in bold to make it stand out a bit more.
  2. List your live interview participants alphabetically as you have done with your thoughts participants.

I also have some comments on the artist interviews and demos section.

You have a lot of dead space on this page. With the current image size, it would be possible to put the content in a table with two columns. Or, you could just add something fun to look at next to the info sections. But I am not loving the empty space in the tan box.

However, I do really love most everything else about your site. Thank you for creating

this valuable and interesting resource!

desk crit no. 7 From Elizabeth

December 12, 2005

Wow! Your visual appeal is out the roof!

Suggestions: “examples of artwork, hear and read thoughts of artists, see artists creating art, and add your own thoughts on creativity. What is creativity? Will this project will spark your interest in arts and creativity?” – period after artwork. Hear and read….. take second will out of last sentence.on Project Info

there does seem to be some common threads there does seem to be some common threads – change does to do
I can’t see the “i” in relfection in the header.

I only wish I knew how to do half what you have done! Very impressive.

desk crit no. From Yi-Wen Tan

December 12, 2005
These are desk crits that came in while I was sick, so I am just adding them now.-------------------Hi, Robin:I like your website. The color is so strong and powerful. The design is neat!

Only three small question/suggestion:
  • The slide show you makes on the art examples page has a small problem to me. The play button seems can not work. It is supposed to play the slides automatically, right?
  • On the end of “Thoughts on creativity”, you may want to put a button to help audience go back to the top/menu of the page. Just like the button you make at the end of each section.
  • After I click “Add your thoughts”, I don’t know how to come back to your project. Maybe you could pop-up a new window for the blogger, or use frames to put the blogger in your website.
Hope it is helpful.

Yi-Wen Tan

desk crit no. 5 from Kristin

November 29, 2005

Hi Robin,

I came around during Reiber’s class and looked at your website. I think it looks awesome. I am really impressed with the artwork that you and the other artists have created. I like this site because I am so far from being artistic that I can appreciate when other people are artistic. I like the interviews with the artists. I think that you might could add the time of each interview next to their picture. Some of the interviews were longer than I thought. I couldn’t get the drek davis drawing clip to come up. The drawing clip of you was incredible. The blog was a nice touch. I like the fact that you made an interactive website where others could be an addition to what you have researched thus far. I am sorry that my crit is not more critical but it looks fabulous. Congratulations, Kristen

desk crit no. 4 from Jamie

November 27, 2005
Hi again, Robin,I've visited your site several times already, always amazed not only by your design, but also by your vast artisticabilities.  Your yellow bar really helps to move through the site, and I love your use of color.

Here are some suggestions for modifications:
  • On your intro page, you could add the blue border that’s on the other pages (around the white box).
  • On your art examples page, you have written “visit the live interviews.” That sounds awkward to me. In this same box, the font styles of your links vary.
  • On your artist interviews page, you might consider changing the title from “Artist live interviews,” and there’s a lot of white space on this page. I would like to see larger images of the video links.
  • The yellow centered text on your “thoughts” page is awkwardly placed.
  • I’m not sure about how to add comments to the “your thoughts” page, but then, I’m still not familiar with the blogging thing. Also about this page, it seems like it might be better to leave off your studio links. You might opt to create a separate page for those.
  • Add a question mark to “Why this project” on your project info page (in the purple box) so that it’s consistent with the yellow text.
  • On your link bar, it would be great of all of the text fit on the same line (without the “only” hanging off the end. Also, I like your use of lower case. I would change “Add your thoughts” to lower case, maybe changing it to just “your thoughts.”
  • On your art examples page, consider adding a title in a purple box to be consistent with the other pages.
  • You’re missing a link for Mary Padegelak on your thoughts on creativity page, and on this same page, there’s some discrepancy in font style in the links (yours are not bold like the others, it look like).
  • Lastly, on your project info page, you might center your yellow links.