Desk crit no. 8 Jamie González

November 27, 2005

I am using firefox on windows xp… (just to let you know…)
I like your project very much. The color scheme is nice and simple (which is not a bad thing!) and the content seems well organized.

Just a note:
on page

Las partes del cuerpo
I felt like I should be able to click on the images… or maybe some text above the images to explain that they are examples(?)

by the way, a neat little trick to give info to accompanying an image with a mouse rollover is to add a title to image properties. I believe you can do that in dreamweaver somehow but to do with the code, you just use the title tag… like so…
With your ears image…

../../My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/orejas.gif” alt=”las orejas” title =”ears” width=”229″ height=”196″

anyhow, just a thought… it might be a way to give ‘hints’ or answers without a whole lot of work.
I love the quizzes. Very well done.

Desk crit no. 7 Elizabeth Foster

November 27, 2005

I really like the color scheme on the main page. It’s lively but modern. 🙂 One thing that I am wondering about is whether the title on the main page might ‘pop’ more in white or a different color?

Also, the gold is such a strong color (which I very much like on the main page) I am wondering whether you could find a way to pull some gold – just a little – throughout the website… Maybe in your titles (…and it doesn’t have to be the same exact color as the main page to give a feel of continuity…)

As for navigation, I really like the main page menus. Any thought to adding those into the rest of the html pages?

Also on the menu on the main page, something strange is happening with navigation on the great books. It looks like everything else in the table is divided into 2 rows, but that column isn’t. In other words, just looking at it from a visual viewpoint, there is no black line between the button ‘Great Books’ and text ‘Books 3rd graders recommend’.

Finally, the calendar link didn’t work. I realize you are not finished with your project, but thought I would just mention it…

Oh, and just to let you know, I use firefox and your site looks fine to me. I’ve had a couple of problems viewing other people’s sites which appear to related to firefox, so I thought I would just mention that. 😉

Good job. Your website seems clear in its purpose and I think structure and color wise is fine, except for the few minor things I’ve mentioned.

Desk crit no. 6 Candi Chandler

November 25, 2005

I’m a big fan of the scouts and I think you did a great job working their colors into your website… and lots of content. Really, amazing, in such a short time. However, in firefox something kind of weird happens with the blocks of color and a few of the fonts. It’s not awful, but things just look a little odd. That may not be an issue for you (and come to think of it, I haven’t looked at my site in IE in a while, so I better do that!….)

For example on the intro page, the yellow block near CubScout Pack 333 Eatonton, Georgia seems to be an in odd place, and the paragraph beginning pack33 is managed…. seems to be sitting very close to preceding paragraph. Again, it may not be an issue, but I thought I would mention it.

The font and block of color seem to be a little problematic throughout in Firefox.
You’ve really accomplished alot!

Desk crit no. 5 Leigh Davis

November 25, 2005

I really liked the blocks and primary color scheme. Very cute and appropriate for your audience level! I think the site has a very clean layout.

On the first page, I did notice that there wasn’t a title up at the top of the browser. I wasn’t sur e if maybe you just forgot it or missed it in dreamweaver (it is under page properties in dreamweaver). Having a title helps the user (me in this case) know where I am.

Secondly, I guessed that I would click on ‘got social skills?’ to get started. I hate to say that you need the obvious ‘click here’… but from my experience in 6190 last time, I found that even IT students don’t know where to go without obvious directions… 😉

I think everything else looks good. The text is easy to read which is probably a necessity for schoolkids. Good job. It’s looking great.

Desk Crit no. 4: Mary Lewis

November 23, 2005

Hi Mary,I think it looks lovely and it explains what I know of quilting at my novice level (my grandmother was a quilter but I never learned…)

Just a couple of things…
-It felt kind of empty in some of the steps. I really liked the initial screen with the quilt images. You may be going to add an image in there, but I just wanted to mention it.

-On step 3, just a little typo…, the word assembly is misspelled. (asembly)

– On the glossary… Is there any way to list these alphabetically or see a complete list (i.e., an index?) just an observation from a librarian. 😉

-on the design your own quilt (wow! very cool!) I couldn’t get the top left box to ever fill. I tried all of the remaining/unused squares but I couldn’t get anything to work.

–Maybe a contact me button? Not necessary, but I always find them a nice touch.

-Colorwise, it is lovely. Also, did you make these quilts? They are absolutely gorgeous.

Project site:

Desk crit no. 3: Jina Tollett

November 19, 2005

I thought your project looks really good. I like
the use of kid friendly primary colors and the
blocky shapes. Maybe it’s because my eyes are
tired today, but it seems like the yellow text on
the red was a little hard to read. I was a little
bit confused about which part of the navigation
was yours (even having read your message), but I
don’t think that is avoidable as this site is
obviously meant to integrate in with the current
content (which I think it does admirably well.)

desk crit no. 2: Li Qi

November 18, 2005

I really like the layout of your website. Very
clean design & easy to use. I like the color
composition and it works well with your photo.

Just a couple of things…
The title of your main page is misspelled… Most likely in the title tag (under page properties in dreamweaver or netscape/mozilla editor).

Also, I am not crazy about the scrolling marquee
feature… It’s really just a personal preference
kind of thing, I think.

In all honesty, your site has a very professional
feel to it, and as a online portfolio I think it
is great!

Desk Crit no.1 : Mary Miller

November 16, 2005

I reallly like the hurricane navigation.
I thought it was interesting and tying the color
theme to each section, made logical sense.
I do agree with others that it would be neat to
include a paypal link and/or links to volunteer
opportunities, perhaps, on a national scale and
then on the katrina scale.

One thing that you mentioned was how many people
volunteered to help. I am wondering if it might
be nice/useful to include a list of folks that
volunteered, at least the largest groups of

Just a thought.

I did find one typo in the dog section: thes
instead of these.

Desk Crit 7: Jennifer Buoy In Memorial

April 27, 2005

Hi Jennifer,
I thought the structure and color design was a great choice and very appropriate for a memorial site. I feel like I now know your grandfather. 🙂

My only suggestion is on the intro page in the body of the text, to include some sort of navigational cue or directions, e.g., ‘to start click on the photo’ “click on the letters to navigate,” however you might want to word it or address it. It took me a minute to figure out how to navigate. 🙂

Also at the end, it might be nice to sort of frame it with a similiar page summing up or even take the person back to the intro, which does such a great job explaining your project. I don’t think that’s necessary to your project, but something to consider.

Looks great. Understated and respectful in the best way.

Desk Crit 6: Ericka Mayweather Spanish language project

April 25, 2005

I thought your project looked fabulous — very story oriented and creative. I was able to navigate through it without any problems. My only two questions/concerns were that I couldn’t figure out how to pause/stop in the middle of a segment. Of course, for teaching, having a ‘pause button’ may not necessarily be warranted. Also, the music seems very loud. I am wondering if there is a way to control the music level on you end.