Open Identity Exchange project

March 3, 2010

Interesting article about a potential project involving google, paypal, verizon and others.

“Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a newly founded non-profit organization, launched today at the RSA Conference 2010 by Google, PayPal, Equifax, VeriSign, Verizon, CA and Booz Allen Hamilton. The aim of this new organization is exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors; in other words, it can certify online identity providers to U.S. federal standards.”

Hmm… Google, Paypal, and Verizon?

Mobile dev resources

March 1, 2010

For those of you developing for mobile devices… I know, I should be…
great list from a friend…
The Complete iPhone Development Toolbox
a list of blogs,tutorials,screencastss,code snippets, and bookss

A great list of links for creating mobile enabled sites

18 Mobile Frameworks and Development Tools for Creating iPhone Apps

Question of the Day: How to search your own tweets at twitter

February 24, 2010

So, this was MY question today: as in, I wanted to re-post a tweet about moonshine arts & literary magazine. I couldn’t quite remember what I wrote and I didn’t use a #hashtag. So what to do? How do you search your own twitter feed? There are lots of cool trending tools out there, but those are very limited in terms of timeframe. I personally like trendtastic.

Per my usual M.O. I tweeted, buzzed, & facebook’d my request –even before I google’d, now what does that tell ya? I tell you what it tells me — I trust my networks of techies, artists, photographers, librarians, metadata mavens, programmers, hackers, writers, proj managers DIVAS — the creme de cool , more than google for quick answers.

Here is what I tried BEFORE I tweeted my plea for help:

None of these achieved any results. Strange, no? Not even the advanced search feature was successful. I know that I can scroll back chronologically through my posts but that is a LOT of work.

Doesn’t this seem like a huge failure on twitter’s part? Surely there are times when people what to see something from a previous week or month…and how will that fit into the semantic web? If the semantic web is all about the data and finding relevant info, whoa… huge hole.

One answer
My friend and webgurl, Amy, tweeted back almost instantly:

set up an RSS feed for own tweets & search in Thunderbird.

Looking at it from the RSS angle, I pulled my twitter feed into google reader, but that pretty pretty much starts with today, so didn’t help me find my moonshine arts tweet. I did find it using advanced search using friendfeed (yeah, I have an account there, too!), so big kudos to them. Good luck if you ever want to find anything in twitter or facebook. It’s nearly impossible — perhaps, this is where google buzz will score its biggest hit.
…and if I’m wrong and there is an easier way to do this, by ALL means, please let me know — because I’m not the only one who wants to see what they have tweeted.

So, what does an Emerging Technologies Group talk about?

February 15, 2010

Thought you’d never ask…
Here is the agenda for Weds. afternoon meeting of the Emerging Technologies Group… we are still playing with our acronym ET or EMT… I kind of like EMT.
Robin = me (I chair, btw…)

Agenda 2/17/2010

  • Tie up RSS/multimedia pages (Robin/Amy) — any lingering questions or issues? (webpages created to highlight our multimedia and also all of the feeds we are generating…)
  • Libraries home page redesign group update (Deborah) — anything ET can help with?
  • ETD (electronic theses & dissertation portal) public interface update/progress report (table ’til next month; group needs to get back together)
  • Social media training/Library 2.0 Learning Training program overview — (Deborah, Robin and/or Amy) quick project overview
  • Youtube Edu report (Robin)
  • Mobile update (Deborah)
  • WEG (Web Editors Group) update (Deborah) — changes in WEG format — how can we help?
  • Podcasts update (Christian)
  • Tagging in VuFind — (all) — do we want to pursue this? If so, how to go about it and does anyone want to volunteer to lead the charge, so to speak?
  • Social media/website management policy — (Deborah/Robin) — any updates on ET’s questions re: website management and social media?

Photo booth software at home use…

February 11, 2010

I kind of wondered if photo booths would become a thing of the past (sigh, polaroid…) but at least one company is trying to move them to the home market. It does make you wonder a little if anyone will buy this….

Mobile, social media & more research

February 8, 2010

The Pew Institute has been researching technology and various demographics.

The study in January covers internet, broadband & cellphone statistics:
55% of American adults connect to the internet wirelessly, either through a WiFi or WiMax connection via their laptops or through their handheld device like a smart phone. This figure did not change in a statistically significant way during 2009.

The most recent study (released Feb. 3, 2010) focuses on young adults and social media:
Even as blogging declines among those under 30, wireless connectivity continues to rise in this age group, as does social network use. Teens ages 12-17 do not use Twitter in large numbers, though high school-aged girls show the greatest enthusiasm for the application.

more at

smart dust — nano computing…

February 4, 2010

HP’s goal to connect the physical world to computing as never before,” using so-called “smart dust” sensors to enable “buildings that manage their own energy use, bridges that sense motion and metal fatigue, cars that track traffic patterns and report potholes, and fruit and vegetable shipments that tell grocers when they ripen and begin to spoil.”–the-emergence-of-sensor-computingthe-science-fiction-dream-of-smart-dust-is-still-a-ways-off-but-moving-closer-t.html

It maybe an "Apple" day, but… (humor)

January 27, 2010

so, apple has a new gizmo (will it take on the kindle? hard to say…) , but the apple humor is full force…

and from the onion…

CUPERTINO, CA—Claiming that he completely forgot about the much-hyped electronic device until the last minute, a frantic Steve Jobs reportedly stayed up all night Tuesday in a desperate effort to design Apple’s new tablet computer. “Come on, Steve, just think—think, dammit—you’re running out of time,” the exhausted CEO said as he glued nine separate iPhones to the back of a plastic cafeteria tray.

…and even 5 hits and misses from apple via mashable.

Google the year in review & the future

January 1, 2010

In 2009 the web as we knew it changed dramatically. Twitter graduated to become a media darling and a mainstream communication staple. Facebook became the most significant social network of this day and age. And Google changed the way we search.

Lots of reflection on google including gmail, google apps, chrome & android/mobile.

To the future:
google wave(?)

more at mashable

Creating digital art via touch

November 29, 2009

Touch screens aren’t the only way of doing this. Shillito is leading a team that has developed software that allows artists to receive physical feedback when designing virtual 3D objects.

The team’s approach uses a haptic device called Falcon, which vibrates and moves to allow users to “feel” virtual objects. Originally developed for 3D gaming, Falcon is a cross between a joystick and a mouse. As the user moves the controller in three dimensions, its movements are mirrored by a cursor on the computer screen. When the cursor interacts with objects in its 3D virtual environment, the tiny motors in the device provide resistance and small vibrations to give feedback about various properties of the virtual object being designed, such as its weight, texture and shape. “What we have is the sensation of touch, and because this is so natural to our way of interacting in the real world, it means you can tap into the tacit knowledge we have of 3D objects,” Shillito says.

Very interesting article about art and technology.