on web standards and accessibility

December 1, 2009

To me, true accessibility is building one site that works for everybody, disabled or not, and whatever user agent or operating system they prefer. And that is the web I want to build and use.

Yup. A good post on web standards and accessibility.

social networking, library services & web usage – a survey

January 12, 2008

Interesting survey of 330 students at the University of Michigan; the social networking question was just one question out of the survey. The rest of the survey is kind of interesting, too!

QUESTION: If you could contact a librarian via Facebook or MySpace for help with your research, would you? If not, why?


A total of 23% of respondents stated that *yes* or *maybe* they would be interested in contacting a librarian via these two social networking sites.

Undergrads had a slightly higher than average percentage of 34%.

Nearly half of the total respondents stated they would not be interested, but for various reasons – the biggest reason being that they
feel the current methods (in-person, email, IM) are more than sufficient. 14% said no because they felt it was inappropriate or that Facebook/MySpace is a social tool, not a research tool.


Entire survey:

Functionality tester for websites

February 5, 2007

okay, this is a very handy little tool for web editors… It tests functional units of a website (navigation, title, etc.) per best practices.


CSS generator for tables

January 2, 2007

Until IE becomes more standards compliant and all browsers began adhering strictly to the w3c coding standards, it will be nearly impossible to create one set of coding that renders beautifully across the various browsers. Many people do use one style sheet, but then include code specifically to work around junky IE. Anyhow, until that time, tables are still not such a bad idea for positioning of content and data.

This website generates css code for tables, which is kind of a nifty idea.

For more information about cross browser compatibility:
and crosscheck:

Local links & other: Records retention & library terminology

May 5, 2006

Record retention

Libraries terminology used in usability testing