Trends, social media in libraries (presentation)

September 19, 2009

Google Wave

June 30, 2009

SouthEast LinuxFest

May 19, 2009

SouthEast LinuxFest is in Clemson, SC on Saturday, June 13th. Free IT Athens will have a table in the exhibit hall alongside many other organizations such as Red Hat, Open Street Map, and various user groups. There is also a great selection of talks scheduled for throughout the day. One of our founders, Semmy Purewal, is
presenting a session about "Building Community-based Technology Centers
w/ FOSS".

For more information, about the event visit

I swear I will get caught up one day…

January 10, 2009

okay, working away on: work stuff, freelance stuff, fitting in some art stuff, lots of video shot by my niece at disney, lots, lots, lots…

The flu, bronchitis, the holiday

December 26, 2008

Whoa, have I been sick. I’m finishing up some freelance work but in the meantime I had the flu, got better, got a cold, got better, went to disneyworld, and got sick, and got sicker (bronchitis). Honestly, I’ve been sick the majority of 6 weeks. Yes, I have been to the dr. better soon I hope.

on my list

November 26, 2008

–this is going on my christmas list — shockproof, waterproof, 10M, touchscreen…. I need a new little camera for snaps, because I can’t carry my big camera everywhere.

all work and no play

November 10, 2008

sigh — this place looks pretty and peaceful, no? oh, well, maybe I’ll have time to visit next week.