12 worst kinds of facebookers

From CNN (the short version)…

  1. The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore.
  2. The Self-Promoter.
  3. The Friend Padder
  4. The Town Crier
  5. The TMIer
  6. The Bad Grammarian.
  7. The Sympathy Baiter
  8. The Lurker.
  9. The Crank.
  10. The Paparazzo.
  11. The Maddening Obscurist.
  12. The Chronic Inviter

Okay, I think I might have committed all of these offenses at some time … except for the Paparazzo and the Friend Padder. I surely hope I am not the TMIer (ick, we all have one of those in our friends’ list, right?)

for more detail read the article here


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