Biggest news in social media today — Facebook + Friendfeed, and a little about Wowd)

If you haven’t heard/read (and you don’t follow my tweets — georgiawebgurl@twitter), Friendfeed has been bought by Facebook. Read about it here and here.

On another note, I asked for an invite for Wowd. I am interested to see how this will differ from StumbleUpon. Both seem to be in the popularity contest site recommendation field, but Wowd seems to be actually building a search engine based upon automatic recommendations. Very interesting. I seem spammers and SEO blackhatters having a field day.


Roughly, it works like this.

I’m a member of the Wowd network, and I visit a new web page. My local Wowd client first checks to see if that web page is publically available — meaning, can other people out there on the web see the same page that I’m seeing.

If I’m visiting a public page, then the site is nominated for inclusion in the Wowd index. No personally identifiable information leaves my machine!

By visiting the site I’m simply and implicitly voting for it. That’s all. The indexing of the publically available site is done from another machine in the Wowd network, not mine.


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