Image galleries: Coppermine, 4images, plogger, Gallery

I’ve been looking at a plugin to expand my image gallery (hosted at my domain via opensource coppermine, not the flickr version) by using feeds — basically, for each category I would have a feed. I looked at migrating to different systems, too: Gallery, plogger, and 4images.

Here is the rundown of what I need:

  • RSS Feeds per category/image album
  • Ability to list an image in more than one category/album, e.g., black and white photographs all in one album + in subject albums
  • Ability to assign keywords
  • Easily customizable through CSS and maybe a sprinkling of php
  • Opensource, hosted on my domain (I already have a several art/photography sites at social networking spots)
  • Easy batch upload process
  • Good enhancement and upgrade workflow
  • Plus:
    • Easy import/migration from Coppermine
    • Bridging or crosswalking to Drupal
    • Good documentation (I can usually make things work without a lot of help)
  • Note the importance of easy!

Coppermine does all of that minus the feeds, but there is a feed plugin. To be honest, my only complaints with coppermine, have been 1)some of the developers/user community help — it can get harsh 2)lack of built in RSS feeds and 3)crosswalking into Drupal — it’s doable, but not quite what I have in mind. Of course, using feeds would probably give me what I need, anyhow.

So, in my various experiments and investigations:

  • Plogger, Gallery, and 4images all have some form of a RSS.
  • Plogger, Gallery, and 4images are all opensource.
  • Plogger, Gallery, and 4images all seem to be relatively easy to install — relatively.
  • I can import/migrate my coppermine gallery into Gallery. I couldn’t figure out if I could do that in plogger or 4images. 4images is primarily in German, so I hit some language barriers a few times.

..and here is my comparison chart — I’m still trying to figure out some of the plogger features, so that part is a little bit incomplete.


One Response to Image galleries: Coppermine, 4images, plogger, Gallery

  1. martin says:

    good comparison. i also tested all galleries. they all have nearly the same advantage of 4images is, that it can also be used with big video files. so you can build up a youtube like site.and 4images is the most secure script. coppermine and gallery have many (unfixed) security issues.

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