e-zine using wordpress

I’m going to add this to my e-zine list, but I think this e-zine template for wordpress looks really good.

I do wonder about the pre-publishing and issue creation, though. One of the advantages of pacercms is that I can create the issues prior to publication. I do think draft posts could accomplish some of that, but…

2 Responses to e-zine using wordpress

  1. Johnny_a says:

    The ezine looks nice. Has the PacerCMS system been working well for you? I couldn’t find many pre-designed templates, and am wondering if you need to do all of that design work on your own. Also, is the back end easy to use? I couldn’t find any screenshots of that either.


  2. robinna says:

    pacercms has been working really well for moonshine arts magazine, mostly because I understand just enough php and css to really get into the design of it. I did do all of the design work myself for moonshine, but since it’s css, it’s mostly been one overall design to tweak.

    After that, I changed a few of the basics of display in the home and index page which are each little files. So, yes, all in all, I had to tweak/design 3 files — css for the issues, home page which is the issue index page and then the sections pages (which is one file).

    Some people use the smarty templating system to do their work on the template files, but I don’t. I am also willing to share moonshine’s css and home page templates (they hadn’t been reworked for the lastest version, so they were taken off of the site; however, I don’t anticipate a problem with them working with any upgrade, given that there are not TOO radical of changes). I’ve commented the CSS up pretty heavily so hopefully it will easy enough to follow.

    Back end is fairly easy to use. I’ll put together some screencaptures soon. I’ve been meaning to do that, but I have an upgrade in the wings first.

    thanks for the post. By far, of all of the things I tried or tested, pacercms is the easiest to use. Way easier than going largescale using something like drupal or mambo.

    Also, here is a list of all of things I investigated:

    Granted, my reviews & testing were over summer ’07, so there are probably new things out there, and certainly improvements to the things I did review. I’m happy with pacercms so I probably won’t go looking for something else anytime soon. The development community is really helpful and Stephen (the lead programmer/developer) really listens to the needs/wants of the pacer users, so that is excellent. I didn’t get that so much from drupal, mambo/joomla, etc. I just hope he continues to develop it because it is an excellent niche product.

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