Desk crit no. 8 Jamie González

I am using firefox on windows xp… (just to let you know…)
I like your project very much. The color scheme is nice and simple (which is not a bad thing!) and the content seems well organized.

Just a note:
on page

Las partes del cuerpo
I felt like I should be able to click on the images… or maybe some text above the images to explain that they are examples(?)

by the way, a neat little trick to give info to accompanying an image with a mouse rollover is to add a title to image properties. I believe you can do that in dreamweaver somehow but to do with the code, you just use the title tag… like so…
With your ears image…

../../My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/orejas.gif” alt=”las orejas” title =”ears” width=”229″ height=”196″

anyhow, just a thought… it might be a way to give ‘hints’ or answers without a whole lot of work.
I love the quizzes. Very well done.

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