Desk crit no. 7 Elizabeth Foster

I really like the color scheme on the main page. It’s lively but modern. 🙂 One thing that I am wondering about is whether the title on the main page might ‘pop’ more in white or a different color?

Also, the gold is such a strong color (which I very much like on the main page) I am wondering whether you could find a way to pull some gold – just a little – throughout the website… Maybe in your titles (…and it doesn’t have to be the same exact color as the main page to give a feel of continuity…)

As for navigation, I really like the main page menus. Any thought to adding those into the rest of the html pages?

Also on the menu on the main page, something strange is happening with navigation on the great books. It looks like everything else in the table is divided into 2 rows, but that column isn’t. In other words, just looking at it from a visual viewpoint, there is no black line between the button ‘Great Books’ and text ‘Books 3rd graders recommend’.

Finally, the calendar link didn’t work. I realize you are not finished with your project, but thought I would just mention it…

Oh, and just to let you know, I use firefox and your site looks fine to me. I’ve had a couple of problems viewing other people’s sites which appear to related to firefox, so I thought I would just mention that. 😉

Good job. Your website seems clear in its purpose and I think structure and color wise is fine, except for the few minor things I’ve mentioned.

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