desk crit no. 4 from Jamie

Hi again, Robin,I've visited your site several times already, always amazed not only by your design, but also by your vast artisticabilities.  Your yellow bar really helps to move through the site, and I love your use of color.

Here are some suggestions for modifications:
  • On your intro page, you could add the blue border that’s on the other pages (around the white box).
  • On your art examples page, you have written “visit the live interviews.” That sounds awkward to me. In this same box, the font styles of your links vary.
  • On your artist interviews page, you might consider changing the title from “Artist live interviews,” and there’s a lot of white space on this page. I would like to see larger images of the video links.
  • The yellow centered text on your “thoughts” page is awkwardly placed.
  • I’m not sure about how to add comments to the “your thoughts” page, but then, I’m still not familiar with the blogging thing. Also about this page, it seems like it might be better to leave off your studio links. You might opt to create a separate page for those.
  • Add a question mark to “Why this project” on your project info page (in the purple box) so that it’s consistent with the yellow text.
  • On your link bar, it would be great of all of the text fit on the same line (without the “only” hanging off the end. Also, I like your use of lower case. I would change “Add your thoughts” to lower case, maybe changing it to just “your thoughts.”
  • On your art examples page, consider adding a title in a purple box to be consistent with the other pages.
  • You’re missing a link for Mary Padegelak on your thoughts on creativity page, and on this same page, there’s some discrepancy in font style in the links (yours are not bold like the others, it look like).
  • Lastly, on your project info page, you might center your yellow links.

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