Desk crit no. 6 Candi Chandler

I’m a big fan of the scouts and I think you did a great job working their colors into your website… and lots of content. Really, amazing, in such a short time. However, in firefox something kind of weird happens with the blocks of color and a few of the fonts. It’s not awful, but things just look a little odd. That may not be an issue for you (and come to think of it, I haven’t looked at my site in IE in a while, so I better do that!….)

For example on the intro page, the yellow block near CubScout Pack 333 Eatonton, Georgia seems to be an in odd place, and the paragraph beginning pack33 is managed…. seems to be sitting very close to preceding paragraph. Again, it may not be an issue, but I thought I would mention it.

The font and block of color seem to be a little problematic throughout in Firefox.
You’ve really accomplished alot!

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