Desk crit no. 5 Leigh Davis

I really liked the blocks and primary color scheme. Very cute and appropriate for your audience level! I think the site has a very clean layout.

On the first page, I did notice that there wasn’t a title up at the top of the browser. I wasn’t sur e if maybe you just forgot it or missed it in dreamweaver (it is under page properties in dreamweaver). Having a title helps the user (me in this case) know where I am.

Secondly, I guessed that I would click on ‘got social skills?’ to get started. I hate to say that you need the obvious ‘click here’… but from my experience in 6190 last time, I found that even IT students don’t know where to go without obvious directions… 😉

I think everything else looks good. The text is easy to read which is probably a necessity for schoolkids. Good job. It’s looking great.


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