Desk Crit no. 4: Mary Lewis

Hi Mary,I think it looks lovely and it explains what I know of quilting at my novice level (my grandmother was a quilter but I never learned…)

Just a couple of things…
-It felt kind of empty in some of the steps. I really liked the initial screen with the quilt images. You may be going to add an image in there, but I just wanted to mention it.

-On step 3, just a little typo…, the word assembly is misspelled. (asembly)

– On the glossary… Is there any way to list these alphabetically or see a complete list (i.e., an index?) just an observation from a librarian. 😉

-on the design your own quilt (wow! very cool!) I couldn’t get the top left box to ever fill. I tried all of the remaining/unused squares but I couldn’t get anything to work.

–Maybe a contact me button? Not necessary, but I always find them a nice touch.

-Colorwise, it is lovely. Also, did you make these quilts? They are absolutely gorgeous.

Project site:

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