desk crit no. 1 From Ericka

Hey Robin,

I love the concept behind your idea for this project…very cool.The navigation bar has a lot of red on the right side.Are you going to add more buttons so it looks even of the left side? If not,I would suggest moving the buttons over more to the right. I like your graphicand font at the top of the page; it’s eye-catching. I really enjoyed seeing thedifferent artist’s work in the artist’s slideshow. The main page button goes away on the artist’s slideshow—you probablywant to add it back.

Mary Padegelek interview on being a creative child movie has a lot ofbackground noise. It was hard to hear. Maybe trying filtering outside using sometype of program.

You probably want to use a different font color for the yellow text and buttonbecause the yellow on the white is hard to read.  On the participating artists page,there is something weird going at the bottom with the purple boxes. Also should thispage say (Live Interview—wasn’t it another page with the video)? Also, you need to capitalize your name.

On the resources page, Mary’s name is capital but the rest of the artists’ name aren’t.

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