Desk Crit 4: Emily P.

Cool stuff, I’m impressed! This is an excellent example
of how to make a table-free website. (Thinking about peeking
behind the scenes to learn more about that!) I like your colors,
photo series, and layout. You’ve also included wonderful project
and spiral resources.

Here are some quick comments for you:
Opening page flash: When the spiral swirls down
and the title appears, could you let the title stay
there for a bit longer? Maybe a few more beats, so
there’s enough time to read it.

The navigation looks very professional. Again,
wonderful use of color! It would read better
if you could separate the spiral project work
from the support stuff. The “*links behind” bit was
lost on me, I tried to click it for more links. Maybe move
project resources and the * items to the very
bottom, separate them from the rest with a larger break,
and take out the * explanation. The other part of this
is the a:hover view, this would be
better if the treatment were consistent
(swapping the background color,
underlining, whatever you go with). I’m partial to the
blue navigation, it seems much more put together
than the other (although, I like having the
options between styles).

The mini photo gallery jumps from the
other layout, (with the red borders and spiral bkgd)
and does not accept the green style. It would be good
if this matched the other project pages.

Now that you’ve learned about CSS — have you played
around with making your own templates for Blogger?
A challenge: make your blogger pages match the
look-and-feel of your project pages.

Oh, I just looked at your code — I’m so excited to
see the unordered list driving your navigation!
I saw A List Apart in your resources, have you
looked at Listamatic?

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