Reflection 8: A few changes

I’m trying a new thing: creating a separate style sheet so that folks can see what CSS does. To be honest, I’m not sure anyone cares….. 😉

I also made the links outside my project open a new window. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. maybe. In theory it should be.

I feel like my project is as polished as it is going to be. Is it a good web project? Not really… audience wise, it is kind of limited.

Things left to do:
Finish up my service hours
Finish my digitization
Write a final project reflection & course reflection

I think my digitization project may not be completed until after Thurs. I might even stay Thurs night to work on it. Basically, I have the video… I just need to add in a title, strip out the audio, and perhaps, add in music… I’m not sure about that part. Maybe I will work on it tonight.

My service hours are finishing Drek’s website or at least, continuing to work on it. I will load the two prototypes tonight for Drek to review. In all honesty, that will finish up my service hours committment. However, I will continue to work with Drek over the next month to get his website where it needs to be.



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