Reflection 7: I can’t believe it validates!

Somehow I managed to write CSS well enough so that it would validate via the W3C checker. I am kind of amazed. It’s definitely not the prettiest CSS (I didn’t use class enough or condense the code as much as I could) but it does work fairly well.

The thing that I most happy with is that it is a tableless website (unless Dreamweaver sneaked in a table here or there!) All of the formatting is with CSS, including the embedded Flash.

The only real problem that I have had is the flash scale problem with firefox. As firefox is much more strict about coding (which is a good thing) it does weird things with the flash. If you set it to 100% or no scale, it doesn’t really work properly, especially, if you’re already using another style sheet.

All in all, I’ve learned alot about CSS and much more about using it for layout. I’m not quite to the point of submitting something to csszengarden…

If I have time before the dress rehearsal, I will put a second style sheet, so that people can apply a different style sheet in order to see how powerful CSS really is.

whew… now, I’ve got to finish up my service hours project and make sure that I’ve uploaded all of my desk crits!


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