Desk Crit 2: Emily Pitts Who Owns the Octopus

Who Owns the Octopus?
I really like the graphics and I thought the logic game was a lot of fun. The color scheme is well thought out and the design is visually pleasing.

My two comments are that it might be good to have a ‘help’ or ‘instructions’ button. If you hadn’t been there, I’m not sure if I would have known how to navigate. I also became confused after I matched up icons to their corresponding houses and then they reappeared in the list. Is there a way to sort out the icons, so that the once they are used, they go into a different list spot on the screen? If there was an ‘instructions’ button, I just missed it. My second comment would be to include tool tips. You mentioned that as a possibility and I think it is a very good idea.

This was one of my favorite projects that I saw at the dress rehearsal. It looks great, works, and has a very strong design.


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