Desk Crit1 Receiver Saif Altalib: Project Muslim Student Association

Project Creator/Receiver Saif Altalib:

Date reviewed: MM/YY
Comments: Saif, Thank you for the opportunity to give a desk crit. 🙂 I think graphically it looks great. The red/greencolor scheme is used carefully and does not dominate the content of the site.
The images are small and load quickly. Additionally, they add contextual information.The navigation is comfortable and seems clear,i.e., it follows a common web navigational structure, which is generally easy for people to use and understand.

I have two comments which are more content oriented. Some of the links do not seem to work. As this may still be a prototype, this may not really be an issue. My second comment is regarding the ‘contact us.’ I agree that it’s good to use the generic”president,” “vice president,” etc. in the menu, but it would be useful to include their names and contact info somewhere on the website. This may be part of your greater scheme as the links didn’t open with a mailto: but pointed to a php generated page(at this time, the index).
Date reviewed: 04.05.2005
Project: Muslim Student Association
Creator: Saif Altalib


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