Reflection 5: What I’ve learned and What I still need to figure out

Well, I now have a project with a name: SPIRALISM and I have my service hours taken care of. Well, at least planned for! YAY!

Regarding my project:
-It will be spiral based although I am still trying to figure out layout…
-I have the color schemes: blues, purples, white and light orange for accent colors
What I need to figure out or learn:
Can a spiral navigation path work within a website? Thinking beyond the box of the screen, how can I make it both organic, yet logical?
How do I create a short organic flash movie that opens and closes without input from the user? The open part is easy, what I am having a little trouble figuring out is the closing…
How can I utilize CSS to do all of this? Flash movie/html but the rest using CSS/HTML?
Do I have enough spiral images?


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