10weeks to a Web2.0 You Social Media Training Program

April 7, 2010

Well, it’s official. The 10Weeks to a Web2.0 You Social Media Training Program kicks off today. Right now, this is just for library staff, but we are collecting up all of the training tools, presentations, etc. to create a website which anyone can use. I’m co-teaching blogging and then image editing (the fun stuff, right?) I thought about switching out blogging for moviemaking, too, but geez, I have enough going on, you know? 😉 For those of you attending the kickoff, there is food!

Join S.T.E.P. and WAG for the launch party of a new training series:


On Wednesday, April 7, at 3:00 in the Administration conference room,
you can enjoy refreshments, get an overview of the program, and meet the instructors.

You’ve heard about Web 2.0 – you may even be using some of these applications in your personal computing time. But do you know…

…how to use Web 2.0 applications to increase your productivity and efficiency at work?

…how the UGA Libraries are already using some of this technology and you can get involved?

It is becoming increasingly important to know how to use these applications effectively and creatively in the work environment. To help you become more proficient, WAG and S.T.E.P. are offering a 10-session course about several of the most prominent uses of Web 2.0.

You can come to as many or as few of the sessions as you wish. However, participants who complete eight of the ten workshops will receive a certificate of completion of the program and will be entered in a prize drawing.

The sessions by week, are:

  1. Be Productive with Google Documents
  2. Sharing Your Message Online: Blogging & Tweeting
  3. Get Updated with RSS
  4. Flash, Bam, Alakazam!: Photos in a 2.0 World
  5. You Oughta Be in Pictures: Digital film-making
  6. The Web for Bookworms
  7. Get Organized with 2.0 Tools
  8. Where Did I See That Again?: Bookmarking tools
  9. Don’t Let That Wiki Be Tricky: Editing wikis
  10. Podcasting: Discovering and Creating Podcasts

This training course will help you develop techniques for becoming a more productive and technology-savvy employee, so talk to your supervisor today about becoming a new, improved 2.0 You.

Semantic web, linked data, open data, virtual authority

April 7, 2010

For those that don't about this project, the general purpose is to provide NYT controlled vocabulary and RDF (under creative commons) for use across the web.

Very semantic webby... with one result the ability to pull together data from different sites, which meets a certain criteria (about the same person, etc.) In the example application, links to Wikipedia articles about a person are also cross referenced to NYT articles about the same person.

As Andy mentioned DBpedia is the shining example (which is a project to semanticize Wikipedia)

For those interested (and who don't already have these in their bookmarks or reader):


Linked Data

NYT project page

Also, this is an interesting site:

Developing mobile, scrolling horizontally, undergrads usage of wikipedia (links, links)

April 1, 2010

Just a couple of various links from various places:

how to build mobile versions of existing sites, including links to some mobile site building tools:

How undergraduates use wikipedia:

scrolling horizontally!

direct link to the horizontally scrolled page:

Presentations/Training Spring/Summer 2010

March 30, 2010

This takes me up to early June (and dreaming of vacation), but here is what is on my schedule:

March 30, 7 pm. Semantic web & metadata (I’m tentatively calling this Semantic Web for Catalogers): Guest Lecturer/VSU MLIS program

April 15, 7 pm: Intro to Free Image Editors: Gimp, Aviary & more : UGA Linux Group/Chugalug Open to anyone on the UGA Linux Group and Dweebs

April 19, 2pm; (Encore April 23 @ 10am): Get Blogging: Learn about blogging and microblogging (Twitter!) and get started! — w/ Amy Watts (part of the 10 Weeks to a Web2.0 U; Social media & Web 2.0 training program for UGA Libraries — more on that later, when I can breathe)

April 22: Image Editing: It’s not all about Photoshop, Lunch n Learn @ 11am (UGA Web Editors; we are going to try to video this one)
Do you know there are both downloadable opensource image editors free for use as well as online image editors? Have you ever been away from Photoshop but wanted to quickly edit a photo? Or perhaps, you have a colleague who just needs to quickly resize a photo, but doesn’t have access to Photoshop? Interested in collaborative EDITING online, in addition to just sharing? We’ll look at a few popular choices including GIMP, Aviary, and Picnik. Open to anyone on the UGA Dweebs listserv

May 3, 2pm (Encore May 7 @ 10am): Get Photo Saavy: Learn about FREE online photo editing and management tools such as flickr and picnic. Discover some of the basics of editing photographs and how to share photos using feeds and widgets. Sample images will be provided, but feel free to bring your digital camera. (part of the 10 Weeks to a Web2.0 U; Social media & Web 2.0 training program for UGA Libraries — more on that later, when I can breathe)

May 5, 2-4pm Drupal Basics for Libraries offered through Lyrasis; introduction to Content Management Systems, Drupal and a demo.

June 1, 10-12 Drupal Basics for Libraries offered through Lyrasis; introduction to Content Management Systems, Drupal and a demo.

As you can see, heavy on the web stuff; it’s true, I frequently do this kind of stuff at lunch or after “regular” (what is that, these days?) hours. I am kind of booked up at the moment, but I’m always looking for speaking/lecture opportunities. Drop me a line @ georgiawebgurl@gmail.com

web dev links

March 27, 2010

Just passing along a couple of web dev links:



that is all…